IPFS Decentralized and Distributed File Storage

IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) is a decentralized storage solution for blockchain-based content. IPFS uses a P2P (Peer-to-Peer) network model for file sharing that is decentralized and distributed across many computers or nodes. Files are broken down into different parts and stored across a network of nodes, that track the file by hashes. When the parts are assembled together, based on their hash value, it recreates the original file.

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According to an article from TechCrunch:

“Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company will use personal driving data to determine whether owners who have paid for its controversial “Full Self-Driving” software can access the latest beta version that promises more automated driving functions.”

This expands the availability of Tesla’s beta version of FSD (Full Self-Driving software v10.0.1) from a selected group to a wider group of Tesla car owners. Gaining access to the FSD feature’s latest update will only be for drivers who have a good track record that Tesla monitors. FSD is not the same as Tesla Autopilot, which…

Photos Through The Ages

Some of the most compelling stories in the world can be told through photographs. They tell the story visually, which opens it up to interpretation for those who can see it in the future. Over the years, the techniques in photography have changed. The medium has evolved, as the world changes. It reflects to show what it was like during that moment, allowing the viewer to see how similar or different it was.

The camera was the tool that served the purpose of visually recording time. Historians use them to document events for archives and libraries of information. Man’s quest…

Improving network coverage for home and office Wi-Fi (Photo Credit by Vlada Karpovich)

If you have property with more than 1 floor, a basement, an attic and a large area (> 3,000 square feet), getting Wi-Fi access can sometimes be a challenge. The signal coming from a wireless router can be limited to a short distance (common with 5 GHz signaling) and cannot penetrate through thick walls. As a result, it would require users to either be in closer proximity to the router or use wireless repeater (also called range extender) access points.

A townhouse, mansion, warehouse office or large estate would usually come to mind. It is often difficult to get Wi-Fi…

How would you like to earn rewards from playing a game online? This is not a new concept, but the rewards will be in the form of cryptocurrency. This is what the developers of the Axie Infinity project are offering to players. The project is a crypto-based gaming platform that uses the Ethereum blockchain. According to their website, it allows users a way to earn digital assets in the form of a native token called AXS. Users not only get to earn, but the tokens allow participation in digital governance to determine the game’s policies and procedures. …

The Pareto Principle states the following:

“80% of consequences come from 20% of causes”

This is also called the 80/20 rule, and it can be applied to software engineering practices. This states that 80% of the problems encountered with building applications can be attributed to just 20% of the causes. This is of course an approximation and not an absolute figure. Most of what developers will encounter when testing the application is due to a small number of bugs that create so many problems.

This is based on a general shorthand 80/20 probability distribution or the Pareto Distribution. …

Breaking Wave (1/2000 f/5.6 ISO 280 Nikon D5000)

Minimalist Techniques For Photography

Capturing beautiful images does not always require the best equipment. What is more important is the skill of the photographer, capturing the image. You can compare the work between an amateur and professional, and it is usually the latter who presents a better result. Despite that, sometimes the simplest techniques can create the best images. It can be done with whatever image capture device you have, from a smartphone to a DSLR camera.

There is no need to walk around with strobes, off-camera flash, stands and reflectors. These do help in quality images, but there are times when it is…

Tesla AI Day (Source Tesla)

The Tesla AI Day has been another demonstration of the company’s commitment to further innovate. The carmaker, known for their expertise in EV (Electric Vehicles) and renewable energy systems, have announced what they have been working on in relation to AI (Artificial Intelligence). The presentation began discussions about the implementation of neural networks to the Autopilot system for FSD (Full Self-Driving) on their cars, the DOJO compute hardware used for training and simulating self-driving, advanced 4D labeling used in computer vision for autonomous driving and edge cases for complex scenarios self-driving cars could face.

One of those revelations have sent…

There is data to support that the millennial and post-millennial generation is adopting cryptocurrency much faster than previous generations. In the next decade, there will be a large transfer of wealth from baby boomers to the next generation including millennials. This generation is also more likely to invest in cryptocurrency. According to a CNBC millennial millionaires survey, out of 750 investors polled, almost half (47% of respondents) have invested in cryptocurrencies. Only 10% of older millionaires were invested in any form of cryptocurrency.

The mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency is growing at a steady rate. There are now 46 million Americans…

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Imagine being a developer for an application without writing a single line of code. Maybe just a single line will do, but this is not the usual thousands of lines that programming teams are used to doing. Your typical software engineer today has a mastery of several high-level programming languages, multiple development frameworks, methodologies and database management systems. What if you can develop without having to memorize so many lines of code. Enter the No-Code Development Platforms (NCDP).

What Is No-Code?

Coding is usually vital when you think about the success of building an application. Before you can have a functioning data driven…

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